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Our customers’ entrepreneurial responsibility is dominated by the continuously increasing complexity of economic conditions in the form of megatrends such as:

  • The appearance of new competitors at a time of ever shorter product lifecycles, market saturation, increasing market transparency and exhausted price structures

  • Competitors increasingly exploiting strategic, structural and geographic options (co-operations, mergers, service factories, outsourcing, off-shoring etc.)

  • Higher relevance of locational disadvantages in the light of falling domestic markets and the simultaneously growing reach of customers and competitors

  • Steady growth of procedural integration with continuously rising demands on quality, availability and service

  • Surge of available technologies with complex integration requirements in ever shorter innovation cycles

  • Ever more insistent claims of shareholders for return on equity and simultaneous sales growth

At the same time, staff numbers are continuously being reduced.

EMCG sees itself in this context as a consulting company that identifies with your risks and goals, and can offer you trustworthy collaboration and an extensive consulting portfolio. We can help your firm develop a strong position on the market in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

In this respect, we distance ourselves from local optima and employ a comprehensive and culture-sensitive approach that answers the business challenges of our customers with a results-oriented implementation.

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